Electronic Music

Projects in collaboration with video artist Miriam Endrulat:

This is an ambient remake of the song “Youth” by the British indie folk band “Daughter”, which I made in collaboration with “Paper Girl”, who lent me her awesome vocals for this. Check out her projects: Youtubechannel.

The violin is played by Katharina Brauer.


For the movie Schwerelos of Marco Bossow, Alexander Böhm and Josef Hiemann I composed the music for the front and end credits.

The soundtrack of the 3D-Film Feuer was developed in collaboration with the composer and singer Simon Andresen.

Instrumental Music

My piece “nLoam Mex”, played live by the renowned Sirius Quartet Siriusquartett.

„Hellschwarz“ for two Celli and two Doublebasses (Kiel 2014, Chiffren-Festival)

“White is the sum of every colour imaginable, black is the absence of all colour. Everything that lays inbetween, is gray.”

Violoncello I – Clara Berger
Violoncello II – Daniel Sorour
Doublebass I – Eunkyung Hwang
Doublebass II – Carl-Johann Ellert