My scope of work as a recording engineer and composer contains numerous possibilities and resources, in classic and pop: Own home studio, professional equipment, flexibility for time and space, rental recording rooms and concert halls in Lübeck – Hamburg.


The production contains the recording and the whole post-processing of a piece, also including editing, mixing and mastering. The secret of a perfect production contains of professional equipment, trained ears, a healthy potion of perfectionism and of course the passion for sound.

Live Concert Recording

With or without picture – even if you renounce the benefits of a studio production, the atmosphere and energy of a live concert is something unique. To capture this you have to show adaptiveness to the situation on stage. Discreet and simple or elaborate and complex – there is an appropriate recording for every concert.

Editing, Mixing and Mastering

A frequently underestimated aspect of recording is the post-processing: inaudible edits, a tastefull mix and the finishing touch decide over the quality of a recording in the end. In my own homestudio I work exclusively with High-End-Equipment and High-End Plugins for an uncompromisingly professional result.


With up to four professional video cameras I capture productions and concerts from different angles. The recording with several cameras allows merging of different takes in productions similar to a pure audio recording.


Noises like hissing, crackling or humming can easily ruin every recording. But in many cases it isn’t to late: With modern audio restauration tools and my experience I can rescue whats possible.

Voice Recording

Radio drama, audio book or overdubs: voice recordings are also part of my scope of work.


For more than 10 years I work as a composer for many different genres. Besides instrumental and electronic concert music, also for film and advertisement.

For midi-mockups I work with a large selection of the newest sample librarys – for maximal realism.

Every project deserves an individual approach!
So feel free to contact me for the best results.